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PureSolar Inc., manufacturer of high performance next generation smart photovoltaic modules and surfaces, is a smart solar surfaces manufacturer based in Washington State’s Thurston County.  To meet the ever-growing demand for clean, renewable energy, PSI manufactures both state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and custom (OEM) solar surfaces for consumer products. PSI sees tremendous opportunity in this space to create a profitable cash-flowing enterprise that will supply Washington State and other growing market segments in the inevitable move toward increased distributed renewable energy generation. PureSolar provides a wide range of products and full service installation (EPC). Please explore the Products tab at the top of the website to see our selection of modules, OEM/consumer electronics PV integration capabilities, autonomous PV power (iStop) charging stations, and other select projects. Please explore the EPC tab to learn more about our full service PV installation offerings and select example projects.


PureSolar originated from an entrepreneurship program at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Lead Engineer, Steven B. Reeves, and his group built a model company to design and manufacture custom solar electric power surfaces for portable devices. Upon completion of the program, including advanced design, prototyping and production, Mr. Reeves continued to innovate and expand on his products while advancing his solar engineering education and experience through the complete cycle of solar manufacturing, from raw silicon production to the actual design of the equipment used to manufacture solar panels. The ultimate goal, the manufacturing of cutting-edge solar technology at full scale. In 2010, PureSolar began offering EPC services for large installations. In 2012, PSI finished acquiring the capex equipment needed to reach the goal and is now in production of solar surfaces of any size.