CTO Invited to Speak to the Entrepreneurship and Power Program

posted Feb 8, 2013, 6:23 PM by Steven B. Reeves

Steve Reeves, CTO of PureSolar, Inc. will be talking to the E&P program at The Evergreen State College on Friday, February 8, from 3-5 pm. He’ll discuss the path to PureSolar, exploring real-world aspects of entrepreneurship. Attendees will walk away understanding the basics of PV systems and the manufacturing of PV modules, as well as key success steps of PureSolar and its history. PureSolar’s product line, customer base and future goals will be uncovered, discussion of the companies competencies and available services. The presentation will show the current manufacturing tools, both hardware and software, and delve into our unique funding methods.

PureSolar – locally manufacturing your energy independence.